Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Golden Queues


I’m not trying to hurt any woman intentionally in the post below. It’s just that I couldn’t resist the urge to write a post on whatever I experienced that evening.

Here you go!

Recently I happened to purchase some gold with my money (of-course not voluntarily - my wife dragged me out of home). I feel that it’s sort of dead investment (not that I’m quiet good at ‘live’ investments either, but that could be the subject for another post).

The shop that my wife had chosen is supposed to be one the renowned one in Pune. I, in vain tried asking her why this shop only when there are dozens of others which are quiet nearby.

but ------------ $&*$&*$$(*$)(*$)(*$)(*$)(*()$*()*$()*$()*()*) #$#(*$#)#($)()@~~----
however $&*$&*$$(* *$)(*$)(*$)(*()$*()*$()*$()*()*)(*()#$#(*$#)#($)()@~~---- --
arre -----------&*$$(*$)(*$)(*$)(*$)(*( …..)*$()*()*)(*()#$#(*$#)#($)()@~~-………

After several failed attempts of convincing her, as you guys figured out correctly, I was dribbling my vehicle through the mad rush in evening on Laxmi road, towards the shop she had chosen. I somehow found some (sacred) space to park my vehicle.

Neil Armstrong might not have felt so luckier than me after parking his rocket (or whatever machine NASA used to propel their asses against gravity) over the moon.

We steadily walked towards shop. I had passed by this shop over a zillion times. Okay if not zillion – at least million times. But never noticed that it’s actually there (well, I’m a person who walks by his own nose – at least my wife thinks so). As we were entering the shop, I got my first shock as I saw a long queue starting from inside of the shop and growing exponentially outside. OMG, how on earth, can there be so maddening rush to buy gold? I checked again if it was a gold shop or we had accidentally hit at an egg seller’s shop. I also checked the possibility if ‘free’ gold was being distributed today.

It was a gold shop indeed. So there was I standing in queue to buy gold. As we were creeping through the queue, one question flashed in my mind. If we have seen one of worst economic crunches of all times recently, how the heck, so many people are out to buy gold just because it’s some good occasion (muhurat, called Gurupushyamrut).

After intense thinking and then giving up as I didn’t find the answer to this question.
Eureka, Eureka!! 
I got my answer as i looked at my wife then.
(fortunately I wasn’t in a bath-tub in disrobed condition to run out yelling like Archimedes).

There seemed many helpless creatures like me who obliged to accompany their wives in the ‘golden’ queue.
I think most of them were not there to buy gold for their wives - rather they were 'forced' to buy gold for their wives!!

After this incident, I always knew that the gold shop owners in India (I doubt whether firings are so obsessed with gold) can sustain the endless world wars and toughest of the economic recessions.

Long live Indian women and their obsession for gold!!

PS: As I’ve completed my post, my wife has warned me to exclude all the ‘offensive’ references. So I’m publishing this post for the sake my readers only so that they don't get deprived of  another master piece. :-) (I’m quite good at self-praise..ain’t I?)