Thursday, February 11, 2010

Desi Firangis!!

I'm seeing the nightmares these days of going back to those old BritishRaj days where Firangis at their will screwed our lives (No, I didn't see it in Raj Pichhale Janam ka!).

Circa 2010 and the Firangis are back. Never mind they don't have white skins, but certainly their deeds would embarrass actual Firangis as well. They wear the bandanas of patronage as if they have all the responsibility of the state on their broad (?) shoulders.

Yes, it doesn’t take a genius of Archimedes to guess what am I talking about. You must have seen in the 24*7 news relays of Sena honchos taking on anyone (Tendulkar, Amitabh, SRK are the latest who suffered). They are clever enough to target the hottest celebrities out there as they get a free (undeserved) footage on national channels.

The dynasty is a disease that Indian Politics is blessed (??) with. The predecessors of these powerful leaders from earlier generations inherited just the POWER from their ancestors, let the ethics be damned. As they say, if you wanna taste the real character of a person, assign him Power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

They don’t need to migrate to some other places for survival so they probably won’t understand the woes of migrants, be it a desi Patel going to US or a Bihari babu coming to Mumbai. Ever imagined what those labor class dudes are doing now after being expelled by brave heart (huh) MNS lads.

It might be just another move in the politics for leaders but it’s question of life for migrants. Come on dude, you still believe that people are chu*#$yas not to understand these games?

Does the question “My Name Is Khan to be released peacefully” is really of greater significance than the millions of problems common man is pissed off with?? If Uddhav T. asks his question to his soul before going to bed, his conscience will give him the correct answer.

So why does he take a stand on an issue which he even understands is such a paltry issue?

Still confused?? Don’t be.

BMC elections are just round the corner and this guy is just doing the ground work through such gimmicks. After all he also needs a survival and has got a family to feed… bravo!!